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Getting your boss on your side


Learning faster than your peers


Getting organised


Getting the team on board


Demonstrating your leadership

What you'll discover in this course:

  • How to get your boss on your side
    Learn how to manage upwards and get the support you need from your boss
  • How to learn faster than your peers
    Find out the secrets to accelerating your learning and staying on top of your projects
  • How to get your team on board
    Learn how you can become the team member everyone wants to work with
  • How to show your leadership potential 
    Discover how you can demonstrate your problem solving and strategic thinking

Who's behind the course

Wolf Leaders Academy

Wolf Leaders Academy is a training organisation that unleashes the potential of ambitious and self-motivated individuals, arming them with the tools and skills they need to fast-track their career. We are creating a global community of Wolf Leaders by training young professionals on the most important skills of an alpha – from strategic thinking and the power of influence to managing your career and your boss, from effective project management to engaging and exciting your multi-functional team.

Serena De Maio Lead Trainer, Wolf Leaders Academy

Currently Greater Europe Business Intelligence Leader at Procter & Gamble, Serena De Maio combines expertise in both brand management and operational marketing. Her 15 years of work experience span from beauty to fashion, restaurants, retail, and the entertainment industry. In parallel to her successful corporate career, she has co-founded Grace & Wilde Luxury Shapewear and Wolf Leaders Academy. Serena also coaches early stage startups, writes about leadership, startups and brand management, and is an international conference speaker.

"Serena is a highly skilled, effective and efficient manager, who gets the absolute best out of her team."

Anna Lundberg Lead Trainer, Wolf Leaders Academy

Anna Lundberg is a business consultant and personal coach. After a successful marketing career at multinational Procter & Gamble, she has since worked independently as a consultant with clients including Burberry, Vertu, and increasingly also small businesses and startups. Today, she mentors entrepreneurs and young managers while she juggles her own three businesses as a marketing consultant, career coach, and leadership trainer. Anna is a published writer, with articles appearing on Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, and other online publications.

"Anna is fantastic - smart, creative, and delivers against her commitments. She is both strategic and pragmatic."

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